Atlas Gameworks

Rajiv Roopan

We develop unique skills training and organizational design solutions that are delivered through video games. Journey, Inc., our flagship adventure game, trains competencies such as promoting ideas, supporting others, making decisions, and many more.

Owen Brunette

Strategy Consulting

SwarmPoint LLC can help you run your business more effectively. We help you manage projects, develop business plans, achieve strategies (internally or for financing), introduce metrics, manage workflows and set up governance models. Also see our startup blog

Diana Frame

Independent Consultant

Assist with companies developing new drugs and medical devices to plan rigorous scientific studies, and understand current standards of care for the conditions they will treat.

Full Tank Interactive

Eric Wong

Full Tank Interactive is a creative agency focused on developing innovative and immersive digital experiences on the Internet, television and mobile devices including the iPhone, iPad and Android.

At Full Tank, we believe there are no limits when creativity is harnessed by passion, technical knowledge and experience.

Keka Marzagao

Interactive Creative Director/Web Designer

Keka Interactive creates highly sophisticated, immersive online experiences with a dedication to branding, striking visuals and cutting-edge technology. This boutique interactive studio is led by Keka Marzagao, an entrepreneurial creative director/art director with over 12 years of experience in the interactive world. Keka is excited about launching new brands online and is currently looking to partner with the right creative startups. She is also on the board of Sustainable Flatbush, a Brooklyn-based grassroots non-profit she helped launch.

Nomi Network

Supei Liu

Nomi Network is a leading non-profit organization bridging the private, public and non-profit sectors through enterprise and education to end human trafficking.

North Street

Tom Conlon, Paige Rosenberg

North Street’s clients run the gamut from startups to Fortune 500 companies and span a wide range of industries including fashion, beauty, publishing, finance, pharmaceutical and public relations. The services they offer are similarly diverse, ranging from web and mobile development to branding and copywriting to packaging design.


Dan Robinson, Dylan Goetz, Brian Bush

Roadify is the first comprehensive “social transportation” company, combining social networking with a wealth of published transit information. Roadify keeps an automated database of parking spots, bus, and train schedules that can be accessed and updated by any phone that can send a text message. Our real-time database lets you find the up-to-date information right when you need it.

Pay as you go, web-based, point of sale, 30-day free trial, our retail POS system keeps running with no internet connection., 646-706-7750


Gauri Manglik, Orion Burt, Xinyi Duan, Sarah Lensing, Nicky Leach

SpotOn is a personalized recommendation engine for where to go next. We learn about your preferences by learning about where you have already been (we can even use your data from location based services like foursquare) and use this to provide you with recommendations for new places to go that are custom tailored to your liking. We’re at the Hive because of its Tech in Residence program.

Hans Zaunere

IT and Consulting

Started by a network of programmers, we offer general web development, performance, and architecture, including organizing NY’s PHP community and the startup developer community. and